Wednesday, September 2, 2009

hi... nice to meet you

Deciding what to say in the first post is always a bit awkward. 

Here’s the deal.. I have a suck ass job. Apologies for the use of profanity so early into our relationship but to call my job bad or unfulfilling would be an understatement. I experience days where it feels like the company I'm with is a decent place to work but I have more days where I dream about my Pink Slip speech. That would be the speech where I tell my employer adios. And that there is why I started this blog – Project Pink Slip. It’s about me doing what it is that I need so that one day I can leave my suck ass job to pursue something that fulfills me as a person. So here I am digging and searching all while I perfect my accents because you never know - when that big day strikes I might be more inclined to say sayonara or maybe even au revoir. One of my many talents is being international.

As for me, The Girl, I ramble, I swear and oh, I have a dramatic flair. But I promise you, this here is going to be fun.


The Girl

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