Thursday, September 3, 2009

a game of catch up

Catching up on the details…

I started 2009 with a two year plan - Project Pink Slip. As I have mentioned, the goal of my project is to leave my current job for greener pastures. I’m just past my 20s and quitting on the spot isn’t really feasible. Instead, I’m trying to be practical and sensible. And unlike the many other job transitions I’ve made, I want this one to be the right one.

Right now, I’m nine months into The Project and these past months have been exhausting. I’ve had moments of desperation and lets face it boys and girls – desperate people aren’t very pretty.

Step one is figuring out what I want to do. I’m still sifting through those thoughts but I’m closer to cracking the code. Soul searching is tough work! Thank goodness I’m a drinker.

At some point I’ll try and go a bit more in-depth but the jist of it is this - I want to be in a field that’s more creative. Narrowing down things from there has been a bit more tricky. I have a lot of interests but that doesn’t necessarily translate to a job that I would be happy making a living at.

Here’s what I’m pondering - what can I do for a living that might include stationary, pretty photography, cupcake eating, pencil collecting, staring at flowers or laughing. And for good measure can we throw in pretty home decor. I like that, too.


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