Friday, September 18, 2009

the past week

I think it's been about two weeks since I've fallen head over heals with the idea of designing envelopes. It's something that has sorta bounced in and out of my head for about a year but I'm now at a point where I'm thinking a bit more outside the box. It's exciting (and scary!).

This week I had drinks with a new friend who I know will soon become a dear friend. I know there is a bigger reason I've met her and clearly as a business owner she's a wealth of knowledge. And me and T seem so alike that it's a bit jarring. When she talks I hear too much of myself in her words and all I can think is how refreshing that is and then I instantly change my thought to something more along the lines of it being too strange. It's like I'm having a conversation with myself but I don't know what the other me is going to say but I know I'll be like "oh yeah, of course." Too freaky. To sum it up we're both free spirits who take chances, think quick and like to self analyze a lot. 

I started school on Monday. On Tuesday I went and spent a bit too much money at the art store. I'm such a sucker for a good art store. Purchased a German made pencil sharpener for $8. Keep in mind that I have a perfectly fine pencil sharpener I purchased in London but I was "suckered in." At one point I couldn't decide if I wanted the orange or the teal and then began to contemplate getting both. That's like $16 of stupidity. So I was just semi-stupid and bought one and let me report, it sharpens beautifully. Thank goodness, right? Then I spent way too long at the store and left reassured that I need to move on with my idea on envelope designs. I just love this sorta stuff too much to be running mindless reports and hunting down rain coats. As in, once my manager who I really adore asked me to hunt down a rain coat he had left in a rental car. I just remember thinking.. this is what I got my degree for? At least I did major in communications so I was able to sweet talk the folks at Lost and Found. Ugh. 

Now I'm working on my project for school. I get to design an apartment which leaves me flip-flopping between "how damn fun is that" and "gee, this is a lot of work." 

Of course I can't end this post without say that this week I wanted to walk out (and of course, never return) about 5 times. That's a pretty high number. When that happens there's a game I like to play. Let me fill you in... basically I clean out my desk like I'm leaving the company forever. The plan is to have all my stuff in order and in easy grasp so that in the pretend world that I quit on the spot I could have my shit together in 3 minutes or less. Try it when you're feeling a bit under the weather about your job and I swear you'll fill much better. For me, I tend to then sit at my desk for a good week with the biggest mental smile cause I know *my desk is ready.* 

If you try my little game let me know how it works out for you. You can also feel free to fill me in on the most crap ass task you've been given at work. $5 to the person who can top my hey-you-college-educated-girl-track-down-a-rain-coat. 

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