Saturday, September 5, 2009

good stuff

Every so often I'll be bouncing around between websites, clicking random links here and there and then suddenly pop up on something good. Today was one of those days. Somehow I came upon ReadyMade. Honestly, I don't even know what the site is about.. I didn't get that far with my discovering. I've been too obsessed with their HDYGTFAJ posts. Are you asking, WTF does that even mean? Well, let me translate... at least I think this is the translation - How Did You Get That Fkking Awesome Job. 

Don't you just love that? Well I do.  

Each post starts off the same:

Mondays suck. Especially if you hate your job. But the day doesn’t have to be a total waste. You can now look forward to reading about ReadyMakers who have worked their way into f*&%ing awesome jobs—and maybe find a little inspiration to jumpstart your own career in the process...

Right now my favorite post is this one but you can check out all the posts here. Perhaps like me, you too need all the inspiration you can get in your own search for a f*&%ing awesome job. 

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