Saturday, September 12, 2009


What a difference a day (and a week) make. The day after my last post I started to fixate on my ideas of a career in Gift Wrapping. I've had a lot of different business ideas that involve gift wrapping but the harder I thought the more it just seemed that I don't have the medium right now to make those ideas work. That's a bummer but it did spark my interest in another idea I've had. For some time I have enjoyed making envelopes and even lining envelopes that I purchase. And I'm formulating bigger ideas that are much further down the road but for this moment I think I'm gonna see what I can come up with designing envelopes and perhaps incorporating my obsession with gift wrap into that. 

On Monday I start school - it's pretty exciting. I'm only taking one course but to just be in a classroom will do my body wonders. Early this year I took a lot of floral classes and I seriously left every class feeling like a happy crack head. Not that I've ever smocked crack, I haven't, but the energy and high I would feel after each class was exhilirating. This time I'm taking an interior design class at one of NY's design schools. The class will focus on design as a business. All my life I have wanted to be an Interior Decorator. I've given it much thought this year and since registering for the course back in May I feel less interested in this direction but I need to honor this feeling I have always had and then reanalyze my thoughts after the course is complete.

I think I am only halfway to the point where I can say out loud to people "I want to gift wrap for a living" and not feel mortified. 


  1. a| you would totally rock as an interior designer


    b| you would totally rock as an interior designer

    (hope its like a bulb and "bing" there it is. where's the real pink slip.

  2. I think you're being much too sweet. I still have so many mixed feelings about this direction and I fully admit that money is an issue as I just don't see how I can pay for school if I did decide to return for a full on degree. But this course is good for now.

    When you ask, "where's the real pink slip" do you mean my current employer? I'm in finance. Just randomly ended up there and have never fallen in love with it.